Geely is launching a mass-market car in Europe,becoming the first Chinese auto maker to push into the region in its own right。Geely The group,which owns Volvo cars and The London taxi company,will today unveil lynk co,which aims to compete directly with volks with拥有沃尔沃汽车(Volvo Cars)和伦敦出租车公司(London Taxi Company)的吉利集团将于今天发售Lynnthe move is expected to spur other Chinese companies to push into Europe to offset slowing growth at home International carmakers that want to do business中国法律规定,想在中国运营的跨国汽车制造商必须与当地企业正式成立合资公司。

这使中国制造商能够获得西方的技术、设计和生产方法。“there is no question that other[Chinese carmakers]will follow”said Michael Dunne,An expert on the Chinese motor industry“their home market ‘ s phase as a cash cow has come to an end,And the quality of Chinese-branded vehicles is now comparable with international毫无疑问,其他(中国汽车制造商)将紧随其后”,研究了中国汽车,Their aim,he said,was to blend the best aspects of low-cost manufacturing with European design and quaquarityif they get it right There ‘ s plenty of space to take on European makers with heavy overheads .“他回答说,中国汽车企业的目标是将低成本制造业的优势和欧洲的设计和质量结合起来。”称赞的话,将有足够的空间与运营费用高的欧洲制造商对决。“The new marque,which was designed in Sweden at Geely ‘ s China Europe vehicle technology centre,Will have a higher price tag than Geely这款新品牌汽车由位于瑞典的吉利的欧洲汽车技术中心设计,价格低于吉利汽车,但高于沃尔沃,目标是与大众汽车在欧洲竞争。

”we were told it should feel European,specifically northern European,“said Peter Horbury,Geely ‘ s design director . Geely breakury”people will ask why the world needs another car brand。that is like asking why you need apple when you have Motorola;Ndtakes time,but it will not take as much time to build the brand as in the past摩托罗拉在手时,相当于问为什么要苹果(Apple)。打造品牌需要时间,但会像以前一样需要很长时间。

“the car will be manufactured in China”but it ‘ s entirely possible that we will move to Europe to manufacture the cars in the future”gell它将通过探索社交媒体来影响年长的司机。the lynk 01 is hailed as the ” most connected car “,In an effort to woo buyers who are more concerned with access to streaming services than winLynk 01车型被称为“最联网的汽车”,比较扭矩、动力等传统汽车性能指标对接受流媒体服务的买家更感兴趣。it will also rollout car-sharing schemes linked to the Lynk brand。




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