Volkswagens chief executive,Martin winterkorn,Has gone and shareholders are slightly more optimistic today after a bruising start to the thedie welt laments that winter Korn could have been vws most successful chief executive in The carmakers history . 《金融时报》(die welt)赞叹不已points out that the president of vws supervisory board had been searching for a way through the diesel disaster all week and had wanted to know how mu Ch the answer to that question was no longer important at the end of the day,he writes (see first picture below)。他写道:“Handels blatt Concentrates on the value of Mr winterkorns pension,claiming that during his tenure,he built up a pension worth 29m euros。


”Die zeit,whose website is predominantly devoted to europes refugee crisis,Makes The obvious but valid point that Mr winter Korn may have goodVW faces billions of dollars in fines and warranty costs and Assaction law suits from Drivers in America。德国小报《世界报》 (Bild)正在关注公众在美国需要的法律援助。大众将面临数十亿美元的罚款和售后服务费用,以及美国车主可能会发动的集体诉讼。



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