《with risks including government-sponsored online as piracle》,香港中文(中国)Is one of the world ‘ s most Dangerous Internet environments香港——中国是世界上最危险的互联网环境之一,政府也处于危险之中,前国家安全局(National Security Agency)官员托马斯帕兰蒂目前经营着一家安全咨询公司,就如何在中国确保设备和个人信息的安全明确了一些建议。摘录如下。

what ‘ s the biggest threat for foreign firms in China?外国企业在中国遇到的第二个威胁是什么?the biggest danger for companies comes from insiders : local staff,Suppliers or partners . what really makes the biggest impact on western cc仅次于企业的危险是内部:当地员工、供应商或合作伙伴。对西方企业的影响是,与当地合作伙伴共享核心信息,但不采取适当的预防措施来控制这些数字信息。what kind of mistakes do you see people making in trying to be secure in China?你真的不知道人们在中国试图维持信息安全时会犯什么错误吗?During sensitive meetings,Organizers will some times in sist that participants remove the sim cards or batteries from their mobile phones becacas在内容脆弱的会议上,组织者有时不拒绝与会者放手机,但同时每个人都拿着笔记本电脑打开,这种设备反而更有可能泄漏。


人们阻止了小危险,却忽视了更大的危险。if you ‘ re going on a business trip to China,what kind of precautions should be taken?如果你去中国办公,你会不采取什么预防措施?update all your software before you leave home . then when you ‘ re in China,don’t update any of your software。


离开家前修改所有软件。你在中国的时候,不要再改造任何软件了。与you should also enable whole disk encryption on all your devices . IOS and Android have it for smart phones,and Windows and MAC have it built in IOSIf you want to be extra paranoid,you can set a firmware or BIOS password . that makes it more difficult For someone who has access to your computt For如果仍然不能放心,可以设置固件或BIOS密码。这样,如果有人能识别你的电脑,例如在酒店房间里,他就需要用USB驱动器启动电脑,越过加密层。

那样就不会成为更难的交换地球了。(大卫亚设,Northern Exposure(美国电视剧),电脑名言)You also want to make sure You have a VPN service that will protect You from any one snooping of关闭VPN后,无法通过机场贵宾室或酒店热点窥见信息。您可以在Greycoder.com上找到目前在中国可用的个人VPN列表。




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